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Cistanche extract Verbascoside 50%

Cistanche extract Verbascoside 50%


Product Name: Verbascoside
Other Name: Acteoside; Verbascoside; Kusaginin
Appearance: White crystal powder
CAS NO: 61276-17-3

Product Name: Verbascoside

Other Name: Acteoside; Verbascoside; Kusaginin

Appearance: White crystal powder

CAS NO: 61276-17-3

MF: C29H36O15

MW: 624.59

Test Method: HPLC

Physical Property: Melting point324.0~325.5?


1. Anti-nociceptive and anti-inflammatory activity.

2. With great whitening effect, now used in top grade cosmetic products.

3. Anti-oxidative action of the glycosides.

4. Hepatoprotective activity of phenylethanoids.

5. Sexual desire -effects normally begin within a few days after takeing Cistanche deserticola extract. 



2.aluminum foil bag.

3.25kg paper drum with double plastic food grade bags inside.

4. pharmaceutical aluminum tin.

5. according to customer request.


Cistanche deserticola is a holoparasitic member of the Orobanchaceae family of plants, commonly known as desert-broomrape.

Cistanche deserticola is a perennial hardy, shrub-like herb 40–160 centimetres (1 ft 4 in–5 ft 3 in) tall. It is shaped somewhat like a cross between a pine cone and a pineapple, with thick, fleshy stems and large, yellow flowers that grow smaller at the plant's apex.

Cistanche deserticola is widely distributed in China's deserts including the provinces of Gansu,Shaanxi, and Qinghai, and the Autonomous Regions of Xinjiang,Ningxia,and Inner Mongolia.

Verbascoside is a caffeoyl phenylethanoid glycoside (CPG).It is an ester formed with the phenylethanoid hydroxytyrosol, the phenylpropanoid caffeic acid and the sugar alpha-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1->3)-beta-D-glucopyranose.

The influence of a prolonged diet supplemented with the powerful antioxidant verbascoside on the oxidative state of 20 healthy hares eye fluids and tissues has been studied. Verbascoside was dosed at 2, 3, 4?mg/die and the impact on the oxidative state of ocular tissues and fluids was tested by TBARS (thio barbituric acid reactive substances) and TEAC (trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity) assays. The percentage of change in antioxidant activity increased largely in retina and lenses at a daily verbascoside dose of 3?mg, whereas for optic nerve and vitreous humor the higher antioxidant capacity was measured at 4?mg/die verbascoside dose. The present findings demonstrate that verbascoside supplementation is able to protect ocular tissue and fluids from naturally occurring oxidation and that its protective effect depends on the daily dose, being maximum up to 3?mg/die.

Verbascoside is a highly studied phenylpropanoid, which functions to protect the plants that contain this substance against physical, environmental and microbial harm. Commonly known as verbascoside and acteoside. Recent studies has revealed that verbascoside is highly effective in humans as a cellular protectant with great potential as a nutritional supplement and for topical skincare applications. NuLiv Science Verbasnol is produced by NuLiv’s proprietary high purification extraction technology to concentrate the minute amount of naturally occurring verbascoside in Rehmannia glutinosa exponentially to 10% and 50% verbascoside.

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