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Product Name : Phytosterol
Other Name: beta sitosterone
Appearance: white powder
CAS NO: 83-46-5
MF: C29H500


Product Name: Phytosterol

OtherName: beta sitosterone

Appearance: white powder  

CAS NO:83-46-5  

MF: C29H500   

MW: 414.72    

Assay: 95%       

Test Method: HPLC

Physical Property: High boiling point:100-215C,melt point:130-145C,Readily soluble in hexane & chloroform, partially soluble in ethanol and insoluble in water.


1.Phytosterol is known to have anti-inflammation activities, can prevent cholesterol absorption, promote cholesterol metabolism, reduce cholesterol biosynthesis, and is used in the prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis, canker, skin cancer, and cervical cancer. It also facilitates wound healing, and increases microcirculation. In addition, phytosterol is an important precursor in Vitamin D3 and steroid drug manufacturing.

2.Phytosterol is also a known class of antioxidant, and is widely used as food and feed additives.

3.Phytosterol has high skin permeability, and may be used as a skin moisturizer. It promotes skin rejuvenation and prevents skin damage caused by exposure to sunlight. Skin lotions containing phytosterol as water/oil emulsion have a pleasant, non-oily feel and are resistant to degradation.



2.aluminum foil bag.

3.25kg paper drum with double plastic food grade bags inside.

4.pharmaceutical aluminum tin.

5.according to customer request.

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