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Product Sharing And Learning-stevia Powder

Aug 18, 2017

Stevia powder.



Our stevia healthy sugar and stevia tablets adopt the Reb-A 98% as the main ingredient. It not only

maintains stevia’s advantage of high sweetness and Zero calorie, but also effectively improves stevia’s after

bitterness. It is the Healthy table-top Sweetener which has Zero calorie, Zero fat, Zero sugar, and Zero protein.

Meanwhile, it’s convenient to carry and use.

  This type of product is a newly developed ready-to-use food which is directly edible, and has a fresh and

pleasant taste, without the sweet greasy taste and high calories of cane sugar, so it can be eaten as the

substitute of cane sugar. Since the newly developed product is compounded with stevia and some food

accessories such as Malt dextrin and starch, it inherits all the advantages of stevia and natural characteristic,

so it’s quite suitable for patients of diabetes, hypertension, dental caries and arteriosclerosis to use. It has

an auxiliary therapeutic function as well as preventative function.