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Hao Xuan Host An Annual The Laba Festival Celebration

Jan 02, 2020

The December of the lunar calendar is commonly known as the lunar month, and the eighth day of December is the Laba festival, which is customarily called Laba; the Laba festival has a long tradition and history in our country. On this day, drinking Laba porridge and making Laba porridge are the most traditional of the people across the country. And the most elaborate custom.

Hao Xuan host an annual The Laba Festival celebration.

laba porridge

On this day, the custom of eating Laba porridge is found in most parts of our country. Laba porridge is made from eight kinds of fresh grain and fruits that are harvested in the same year. Generally, they are sweet porridge. However, many farmers in the Central Plains region like to eat Laba salty porridge. In addition to rice, millet, mung bean, cowpea, adzuki bean, peanut, jujube and other raw materials, they also add shredded pork, radish, cabbage, noodles, kelp, tofu, etc . The Laba Festival, also known as Raja Raa, or the Day of the Enlightenment of the Buddha, was originally a ritual ceremony to celebrate the harvest and thank the ancestors and gods. In addition to the activities of worshiping the ancestors and worshiping the gods, people had to fight against the disease.

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