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Donglingcao Extract Series For Leukemia

Sep 14, 2018

Oridonin and Ponicidin is extracted from Rabdosia rubescens (Hamst.) C. Y. Wu et Hsuan. With the functions of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteriak, anti-tumor, mainly used for the treatment of human cancers, especially Leukemia.

Xi'an Haoxuan Bio-Tech Company is a professional manufacturer of Donglingcao Extract for 10 years. So we can strictly control the quality. For this product, we have found out the most important ingredient of the plant: oridonin (CAS: 28957-04-2) and ponicidin (CAS: 52617-37-5). For now, we have different purities in stock: Oridonin 0.5-98% and Ponicidin 98%.