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2016 Chinese Medicine And Plant Extracts Internationalization Development

Jun 02, 2016

Chinese traditional medicine import and export trade, plant extract export has been developing rapidly. Customs statistics show that in the first quarter of this year, China plant extract import and export maintain the high speed growth, imports and exports is up to 310 million dollars, increase about 46.4%. Among them, the export volume is 270 million dollars, up 53.4% increase, accounting for 48.4% of exports of traditional Chinese medicine products, plant extracts in the proportion of traditional Chinese medicine product export increase gradually. Next year the plant extract is expected to export in a new record. Plant extract as the pharmaceutical raw materials, it combined with modern pharmaceutical technology, become natural medicine health care products on the market core products, the huge market space of natural health medicine for plant extract become the international market products which sell like hot cakes. When Chinese traditional medicine because of "identity" problem and difficult to open the market of developed country, plant extract because of its "return to nature", "green consumption" becomes fashion, it is highly valued in western developed countries, opened up a new path for traditional Chinese medicine in the international market. Because of China plant extracts industry in the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory, the development have its unique advantages. At present, China plant extract has formed a certain scale of the industry, and the mainstream enterprise in production equipment and technology ability can completely ,China plant extract industry has made a great progress, industrial concentration have significantly improved, believed under the help of China government ,the Chinese plants will rank a place in the world in the near future .