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What's Clove Extract Used for?

Jul 01, 2019

Clove is a kind of perfume originating in Indonesia. Clove extract contains clove oil. The oil mainly contains volatile sesquiterpenes, phenols, esters, eugenol and so on. It can be usedas preservatives and fungicides, and can also assist digestion.    



1. The antimicrobial activity

Ethyl ether extract containing 1% clove, or Shab's medium containing 8% clove decoction can inhibit many kinds of pathogenic fungi such as tinea Chrysanthemi and Candida albicans. It also inhibited Cryptococcus neoformans at higher concentrations. Alcohol leaching solution is similar to ether leaching solution, but the function of water leaching solution for the clove is a bit poor. Clove oil and eugenol inhibited pathogenic fungi. When the decoction concentration is 1:20-1:640, it can inhibit Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and diphtheria, metamorphosis, pyogenesis, dysentery, typhoid fever and other bacteria. 

2. Antifungal effects

Ethanol clove extract 1:100, clove oil and eugenol 1:8000-1:16000 had inhibitory effects on Nocardia asteroides, Trichophyton chrysoides, Microsporum gypsum and Trichophyton inguinalis.

clove extract

3. Insect repellent function

Water or alcohol clove extract can paralyze or kill Ascaris suis in vitro. Dogs infected with Ascaris have oral administration of clove oil 0.5-1.Og/kg, which can cure the dog. But once taken, it can not remove all roundworms, so the clove extract should be taken several times. Clove oil is better than decoction. 50% Decoction and ethanol infusion have the killing effect on Ascaris suis; clove oil has greater potency, and its 1% suspension has the effect of killing some Ascaris. 0.1-0.5g/kg gavage has an expelling effect on Ascaris Ascaris.            

4. Stomach-strengthening effect

Clove extract is an aromatic stomach-strengthening agent, which can relieve abdominal flatulence, enhance digestive capacity and reduce nausea and vomiting. 5% eugenol emulsion could significantly increase the secretion of gastric mucus, and the acidity was not enhanced. The gastric acid excretion and pepsin activity of Pavlov gastric dogs were significantly increased by intragastric administration of clove water extract.

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