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What are the characteristics of Rosemary Extract?

Nov 11, 2019

        In China, according to the "GB/T 12729.1-2008 Spices and Seasonings Name", it can be known that Rosemary is a spice.

        According to the "GB 2760 National Food Safety Standards for Food Additives", it can be known that Rosemary Extract is an antioxidant.

Application in food processing

        Rosemary and its extracts can well prevent oxidation in meat processing and protect the flavor of processed foods.

       Meat products do not contain natural oxidants, which are prone to oxidation or even spoilage during processing; when the meat products are heated, the products of decomposition will cause odors in the meat products.During this process, a large amount of rupture occurs in the tissues and cells of the meat product, releasing enzymes and iron in the tissues. These released enzymes and iron can be combined into a catalyst to accelerate the oxidation reaction of the meat. This is the main reason for the "overcooked" taste of meat products.

rosemary extract

      Related studies have shown that the addition of rosemary extract to a variety of meat products during heating or storage not only enables the corresponding meat products to have excellent antioxidant capacity, but also prevents meat products from spoiling and protects the original flavor of the meat products.

Rosemary and its extracts have antioxidant effects. This property is very stable and non-volatile, and it has a certain control effect on taste and aroma.Rosemary and its extracts have strong dissolving power. They can be made into fat-soluble products or water-soluble products. Therefore, they are highly adaptable in food applications and have the function of stabilizing oils and essential oils in food processing. .

In addition, the active ingredient of rosemary and its extract has a higher boiling point and a lower aroma threshold. Therefore, in the production, the cost can be reduced by reducing the amount.

       The properties of rosemary and its extracts make it widely used in food processing. It inhibits the decay of foods and slows the rate of carotene fading in foods. In terms of flavor improvement, the flavor of natural rosemary can reconcile other flavors in foods, preventing pre-cooked and smashed poultry, meat and fish. Produces an over-cooked taste and improves the flavor of low-pH sauces, and has been used in food and food price processing.