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What are the benefits of Okra?

Jun 10, 2019

Okra is native to Africa, also known as okra clip, yellow sunflower, kidney bean, croissant, pepper, coffee yellow sunflower. It is a vegetable with high nutritional value. It is often eaten to help digestion, strengthen physical strength, protect liver and health. The stomach is intestines.

There are many classification criteria for okra. According to the shape of the fruit, it can be divided into round fruit and angular species. If the fruit length can be divided into long fruit and short fruit; if classified according to plant type, it can be divided into dwarf and high. Plant species. Among them, the dwarf plants are precocious, with few branches, lodging resistance, and easy harvesting; while the high plant species are tall, the fruit is green and the quality is good.


Okra is not only nutritious, but also can be eaten with a variety of dishes. As a health vegetable, Okra can be fried and fried with pork, shrimp, squid, eggs, etc. It can also be cold-fried, fried, soup, and side-baked. It can be seen that now Okra is getting more and more everyone. There are inevitable reasons for love!

The use of okra is also very extensive, that is, suitable for daily food supplement, young fruit can help digestion, but also can treat gastritis, gastric ulcer, and protect the liver and enhance human endurance; and the flowers, seeds and roots of the okra against the sore, sputum Have a certain effect. So everyone has to sigh that the okra is a magical and versatile vegetable