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The skin care effects and principle of silk peptide

Jun 06, 2019

First, silk fibroin peptide has a good moisturizing and humidity control effect.

Silk fibroin peptide has good moisturizing and humidity control effects. The hygroscopicity of different concentrations of silk fibroin peptide was measured in a temperature-controlled humidity chamber with a temperature of 27 ° C and a relative humidity of 86% for 12 h. Experiments have shown that a silk fibroin peptide solution having a concentration of 2.4% has a moisture absorption rate equivalent to a moisture absorption rate of glycerin having a concentration of 48%. That is, the silk fibroin peptide has an equal moisture absorption capacity when it is 20 times lower than the glycerol concentration. This is mainly because the molecular conformation of the natural silk fibroin peptide is a random coil structure, and the peptide chain is loose and disordered. Many hydrophilic groups (one OH, one COOH, one NH2, etc.) on the polypeptide chain are on the surface of the molecular space. 

The hydrophilic group can absorb and retain a certain amount of water, and the mechanism is the same as the natural humidity-regulating factor in the human body. At the same time, the silk fibroin peptide forms a film on the skin and hair surface, which prevents excessive evaporation of moisture and adjusts the moistness of the small space on the surface. When the external humidity is high, the membrane absorbs a part of the water; when the outside is too dry, the membrane releases part of the absorbed water, and the humidity is controlled by continuously absorbing and releasing moisture.

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Silk fibroin peptide can effectively inhibit the production of melanin in the skin. There is a melanocyte in the epidermal layer of the human body, which is oxidized to produce melanin under the action of tyrosinase. The ultraviolet light promotes this oxidation reaction, which is the same principle that the human skin is easily blackened when exposed to sunlight in summer. In order to find out the mechanism of melanin peptide inhibition of melanin production, the experiment used silkworm blood thin solution as the reference solution, adding different concentrations of silk fibroin peptide solution, and the amount of melanin produced from the solution was determined by spectrophotometer to determine the inhibition rate of melanin production ( Taking distilled water as a control), the results are shown in Fig. 2. 

The gloss effect of silk fibroin peptides. The silk fibroin peptide maintains the microscopic lamellar structure and triangular cross section of silk fibroin, and its elegant, soft luster effect makes the skin and hair smooth, soft and elastic.

Second, the application of silk fibroin peptide in cosmetics

The skin contains more protein than any organ (Zhu Desheng, dermatology). When the protein is malnourished, the skin will have erythema, obvious desquamation and wrinkles; these are closely related to protein metabolism disorders. Silk is a precious natural protein fiber, 97% of which is pure protein, especially the side chain hydrophilic amino acids (such as aspartic acid, glutamic acid, etc.) are very beneficial to human skin. Experiments have shown that long-term use has been added. The silkworm protein cosmetics have a beneficial effect on the metabolism of the skin, prevent premature aging of the skin, and increase the vitality. Moreover, the more than ten kinds of amino acids contained in the silk fibroin are very similar to the amino acids contained in the skin, and have no foreign body stimulating effect on the skin. An excellent additive.

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According to the clinical verification of the hospital, the skin care products containing silk fibroin have obvious effects on promoting skin metabolism, reducing facial skin wrinkles, delaying skin aging, moisturizing and nourishing skin, especially for preventing and treating pruritus and cleft palate. Scar hyperplasia, skin pigmentation and other obvious effects, the effective rate of 85%, has been well received by users.

In today's advocating nature and returning to nature, with the continuous development and utilization of more and more natural animal and plant proteins, it will have a major impact on protecting human health and beautifying people's lives, showing great charm.