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The Health Benefits of Salidroside

Jul 22, 2019

Salidroside is more commonly used in clinical practice and can effectively inhibit the development and growth of tumors. Salidroside can promote the rise of white blood cells and resist microwave radiation, which can effectively enhance the immunity of patients. Salidroside can improve the immune system to normal state by improving T-cell immunity. Elevating the body has a strong resistance to the accumulated poison that is infected, and can also eliminate the patient's sense of depression. The drug is used to improve the mental state of the patient.


1. Enhance immunity

Salidroside restores normal immune system by improving T-cell immunity. It can improve the body's resistance to the accumulation of toxicosis

2. Eliminate depression

Salidroside is used to enhance people's mental state and become a valuable medicine for those who live in countries and seasons that have not been exposed to sufficient sunlight due to the extension of the month.

3. Protect cardiovascular

Rhodiola rosea extract can alleviate cardiovascular damage and dysfunction caused by stress, prevent the decline of cardiac contractility secondary to ambient pressure in the frozen state and contribute to stable contraction.


4. Whitening, anti-radiation

Salidroside, also called Rhodiola extract, tastes sweet and bitter. Salidroside has mainly been used in traditional herbs in the Carpathian Mountains of China, Siberia and Ukraine. Rhodiola extract can alleviate the rise of white blood cells and is also effective against microwave radiation.

5. Anti-hypoxia and anti-fatigue

Salidroside increases blood circulation and prevents adaptability to low oxygen environments by preventing capillary contraction. Salidroside increases the body's ATP content, reduces blood lactic acid formation, increases creatine phosphokinase content and improves serum total protein content, thereby improving fatigue caused by a large amount of exercise.

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