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The Function of Tongkat Ail extract

Jun 12, 2019

The chemical constituents isolated from different organs of Tongkat Ali are mainly dioxins of the quinsinoid skeleton and canthin-6-one alkaloids, such as eurycomaoside, eurycolactone, eurycomalactone, eurycomanone and pasakbumin-B. In addition, it also contains biphenyl lignin, squalene derivatives and the like.

1. Anticancer activity

Tongkat Ail extract was first reported in 1990. It was found that longilactone, 13, 21-dihydroeurycomanone and 14,15-dihydroxyklaineanone purified from Tongkat Aligen have cytotoxic activity against KB and P-388 cancer cell lines. The crude extract of Tongkat Ali can induce apoptosis by the action of apoptosis protease, thereby inhibiting the growth of MCF-5 tumor cells. In addition, some scholars reported that Enriche enrichenone-rich Tongkat Aligen extract can induce hepatoma cell HepG2 apoptosis through P53 pathway.

Tongkat Ali extract

2. Antimalarial activity

The study found that the chloroform fraction and the n-butanol fraction of the crude methanol extract of Tongkat Aligen have antimalarial activity. The quasisinoids compounds in the extract of Tongkat Aligen can inhibit the synthesis of proteins in the malaria parasite, thereby achieving antimalarial effects.

3. Improve sexual function

After feeding the crude extract of Tongkat aligen to adult male rats with sexual experience, the sexual function indexes of male rats were improved. Adult male rats without sexual experience had sexual desire after feeding crude extracts. The phenomenon is produced, indicating that it has the effect of inducing sexual desire and improving sexual desire. Rats treated with estrogen were continuously intragastrically administered with Tongkat Ali extract for 14 days, which was found to promote sperm production and increase serum testosterone levels. Tongkat Ali can enhance the vitality of the body, prolong the survival time of mice with kidney deficiency at low temperature, increase the semen sac and prostate index, and have a clear nourishing effect.

4. Other

Lowering blood sugar, antibacterial, treating gout, osteoporosis, improving energy, reducing search; improving physical and mental state; promoting appetite; improving night-time function; anti-hypertension; anti-clearing, anti-virus; antipyretic; Reaction; improve the function of the endocrine system, etc.

Tongkat Ali is a widely used herb in the local area. Its branches and leaves are very bitter, and its roots are especially bitter. It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, nourishing and strengthening. Oral after boiling, can be antipyretic, anti-malaria; external skin wounds can help reduce inflammation and promote healing. The lumberjack who lives in the jungle all year round uses this herb as a “Ginseng of Malaysia”.