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The Clinical Uses of Asiaticoside

Jul 15, 2019

For the treatment of proteinuria, Asiaticoside is a common drug for the treatment of chronic nephritis and lupus nephritis, often used with elderberry. Long-term use can reduce proteinuria. Asiaticoside is also an effective drug for the reduction of creatinine, urea, and uric acid. For partial fibrosis of the kidney, sclerosing lupus nephritis, Asiaticoside can inhibit fibrosis, which is beneficial to delay the progression of the disease. In patients who have been taking corticosteroids for a long time, corticosteroids can promote fibrosis, and Asiaticoside can be used in contract with it, which may inhibit the progression of renal fibrosis.


About the treatment of scleroderma and pulmonary fibrosis on the skin and muscle fibrosis of scleroderma and dermatomyositis, Asiaticoside is a commonly used drug, the use of asiaticoside tablets alone, is still sick and light, and also decoction soup The agent is good. Asiaticoside can be used together with turmeric, paeonol, salvia miltiorrhiza and other blood stasis drugs. Connective tissue disease often has pulmonary fibrosis. In X-ray films and CT, it can show cord-like and small nodular changes. On the basis of controlling the disease activity, the compound which is added with Asiaticoside, Danshen extract and other drugs can helps the absorption of the lesion. Asiaticoside is also a drug for treating scar tissue. Oral and topical application can be carried out simultaneously.


Regarding the treatment of chronic liver disease with chronic liver disease, partial liver fibrosis, timely taking Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine has many advantages in terms of enzyme lowering, yellowing, regulating immune function, and inhibiting viral replication. Adding Asiaticoside, Salvia miltiorrhiza and other drugs to the compound will help to improve the recovery of liver disease and inhibit the progression of fibrosis. Long-term use is expected to partially reverse the fibrosis.

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