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The Benefits of Asiaticoside for the Skin

Jul 17, 2019

Centella asiatica, also known as copper grass, money tooth grass, whole grass can be used as medicine, with the effect of clearing heat and dampness, swelling and detoxification, has a good therapeutic effect on some poisonous sores and hemorrhoids. Growing on the wet grassland and the ditch, it is found in most parts of China. We often breed Centella asiatica as a microscopic scene.


1. Asiaticoside, extracted from Centella asiatica, has the effect of removing acne. Because most of the acne come out of the external folliculitis, more of the internal body is too hot and humid, leading to endocrine disorders, the face constantly oil, so acne, acne naturally grows easily, and the Asiaticoside has It has a good effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying and dampness, thus regulating the internal problems of the human body. It is necessary to adjust the external treatment of the skin. If the products of Centella asiatica are used, the effect of internal and external treatment can be achieved.

2. Asiaticoside has the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Most acne will be accompanied by inflammation, and acne marks are the remnants of the disappearance of inflammation. Using Centella asiatica products can accelerate the inflammatory inflammation of acne, which will reduce the time of acne marks generation to some extent. The acne marks naturally go faster.


3. Asiaticoside can firm skin, the effect of soft skin, can effectively solve the phenomenon of sagging and sagging skin, so that the skin restores elasticity.

4. Asiaticoside can promote the regeneration of collagen, for the elderly, the loss of collagen is an important cause of aging, so the use of Asiaticoside can make the withered collagen re-growth, the skin appears tight and full.

5. Asiaticoside can also lose weight, because the it has the effect of dampness and swelling, for those who are obese because of edema, there is a good effect of dampness, swelling and weight loss.

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