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The Benefits of α-arbutin

Jul 07, 2019

Αrbutin is a natural plant extract extracted from plants. It is mostly white needle-like crystalline material. Its main raw material is the leaves of plant bearberry, which is an important raw material for processing cosmetics, and it is also a medicinal ingredient with high value.


1. For the beauty products

To make the beauty products is one of the important functions of α-arbutin. It can be added to a variety of high-grade cosmetics. It can be used as a skin cream and a freckle cream. After using this kind of cosmetics, it can nourish delicate skin. It can eliminate skin inflammation and enhance the anti-irritation ability of human skin.

2. Fade the stain

Desalination of pigmentation is also one of the important functions of α-arbutin, because human skin can enhance the activity of skin cells after absorbing α-arbutin, and can prevent the formation of melanin in the skin. They can be excreted as soon as possible with the metabolism of the body, reducing skin pigmentation accumulation. It often used to lighten spots, whiten skin, and prevent new spots from forming.



3. Pain relief

Αrbutin is the main raw material for making burn and scald medicine. It has super anti-inflammatory and analgesic ability. After it is made into medicine, it can be applied to burn burned parts. It can reduce inflammation and infection, also reduce swelling as soon as possible, and can make the wound heal as soon as possible, without leaving scars.

4, Sterilization and diarrhea

In some medicines for treating gastroenteritis, it also contains a certain amount of α-arbutin, because it can stop diarrhea, repair damaged intestinal mucosa, and he has excellent therapeutic effect on human enteritis and diarrhea. It is added to those drugs that treat enteritis, which can make the drug work better.

Under normal circumstances, people use α-arbutin to have any side effects, but α-arbutin is a very active ingredient. It is easily decomposed and destroyed in an acidic environment, then it will lose its proper function, and produce some harmful substances in the human body, which can easily endanger human health.

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