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Stability of kojic acid

Nov 08, 2019

      "Kojic acid" has been abandoned by most manufacturers. In addition to the negative news in the previous article, another important reason is "stability".Like all whitening products, "kojic acid" is afraid of light and high temperature, and is easily decomposed and oxidized in these environments.

      How to make a kojic acid product that is stable during the shelf life without oxidative decomposition, which is a great challenge to the formulator. The acidity of kojic acid is relatively high. In the environment of pH 4, it can withstand the high temperature challenge. If the pH value of the product exceeds 5, it is easy to oxidize and deteriorate.

      Therefore, if you use a product containing kojic acid during the day, you should do a good job of sunscreen and protect kojic acid from the skin. If it is not used for a long time, put it in the refrigerator for cold storage, which will help to keep the activity of kojic acid moist and prolong the shelf life.


Stability of kojic acid

        Kojic acid products on the market

       The famous kojic acid product in the market, "Daike Yingrun pure white Jinghua liquid" is one, which has developed for several generations. This whitening essence contains 1% kojic acid, with a variety of antioxidants.

      Another popular product containing kojic acid is "Korea Dongxing pharmaceutical Lang Lang Dongxing kojic acid small black bottle cream". This cream has not yet officially entered the country from advertising materials and a commercial website composition table, kojic acid content 1%, has whitening effect, also has the effect of spot.

      In summary, "kojic acid" is an excellent whitening and blemish ingredient. After decades of research and application, it is a tried and tested classic.As long as the dosage is within a certain range, there is no safety problem and no sensitization reaction will be caused.Kojic acid can really whitening, not VC to the kind of face bright feeling. If the whitening effect brought by VC is expressed by transparency, the effect brought by kojic acid is the feeling of milky white. The combination of the two is the best.