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Senna Leaf Health Effects and Uses

May 06, 2019

There are many kinds of medicines in Chinese medicine, such as botanical medicine in Chinese medicine, animal medicine and mineral medicine, etc., which are only classified according to the source of traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is also classified according to efficacy and effect, such as heat medicine, and tonics, diarrhea and more. Senna is a drug of diarrhea, so what are the effects of senna? 


1. Heat and stagnation

The senna leaves are bitter and cold, which can not only stagnate the stagnation, but also clear the heat. It is suitable for hot constipation and can also be used to treat habitual constipation and constipation in the elderly. Generally used for single use, a small dose can play a laxative effect. If hot constipation can be used in the same way as phlegm and magnolia to enhance the diarrhea.

2. Eliminate swelling

Senna leaves can diarrhea down the water to eliminate swelling, suitable for edema fullness, single dose or with the cow. Large belly skin is equivalent.

3. Diarrhea effect

The senna leaf contains an anthrone derivative, which has a lower diarrhea effect and irritantness than other laxatives containing sputum, so it can be accompanied by abdominal pain when diarrhea. Its active ingredients are mainly senna, A, B. After absorption through the stomach and small intestine, it is decomposed in the liver, and the decomposition products excite the medullary ganglia through the blood to contract the large intestine and cause diarrhea.


4. Antibacterial

Senna leaves also have antibacterial, antibiotic and detoxification effects. The senna leaf water infusion has an inhibitory effect on dermatophytes such as A. sinensis and Star Nocardia in vitro.

The alcohol extract of the senna leaf of the inverted egg has a bacteriostatic effect on a variety of bacteria (staphylococcus and diphtheria, typhoid bacillus, paratyphoid bacillus, Escherichia coli and dermatophytes). Its water extract is only effective against typhoid bacillus.

5. Stop bleeding

It is effective for stomach and duodenal bleeding. The product is sprayed on the stomach bleeding under the gastroscope with the water immersion liquid, and the immediate hemostasis can be seen directly.

6. Other effects

For experimental intestinal obstruction rats, intraperitoneal injection of sennoside 50 mg / kg can reduce the histamine content of the reduced intestinal mucosa to normal levels.

In addition, senna leaves have an arrow-like effect, which can block the transmission of nerve-muscle junction impulses, prevent acetylcholine from binding to receptors, but relax muscles.