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Rhodiola Extract Protecting Cardiovascular Function

Apr 25, 2019

Rhodiola Extract Function: Protection of Cardiovascular

Rhodiola extracts mainly contain phenylpropyl esters and flavonoids. Its unique active chemical constituents are phenylpropyl esters, rosavin (the most active), rosin, rosarin, rhodiolin, salidroside and its aglycone, namely p-tyrosol.

Function of Rhodiola extract

1. Enhance immune function

Rosavins stimulate the immune system in two ways: 

1. Through direct special stimulation of immune defense (stimulating one of the most important types of immune cells: natural killer cells). NK-cells search for and destroy infected cells in the body. Rhodiola extract restores the immune system by improving T-cell immunity. This shows that it can enhance the body's resistance to the toxicity accumulated by the gradual development of infection. 

2. Make the body less susceptible to pressure. When we are exposed to stress for a long time, and constantly capture energy from other systems, the overall impact is reduced immune response and poor health. Rhodiola extract can also enhance B cell immunity by preventing the suppression of B cell immunity due to stress and fatigue.


In animal experiments, extracts of Rhodiola rosavin and salidroside showed increased transmission of serotonin precursors, tryptophan and 5-hydroxytryptophan into the brain. Serotonin is a kind of brain nerve conducting substance which has been widely studied. It has many functions in chemistry. Unstable serotonin is associated with a variety of abnormal mental states such as clinical depression. So Rhodiola is used by Soviet scientists alone or mixed with antidepressants to improve people's mental state, becoming a valuable medicine for those who live in countries and seasons where the monthly cycle is prolonged without enough sunshine. (SAD, for example, is seasonal depression, mostly in Nordic countries). In an open clinical trial to test the efficacy of Rhodiola extract in reducing depressive symptoms, 128 patients were given Rhodiola extract. Rhodiola extract can effectively alleviate or remove depressive symptoms in 65% of patients.

Protecting cardiovascular

Rhodiola extract has been shown to alleviate stress-induced cardiovascular tissue damage and dysfunction. Rhodiola extract can prevent the decrease of cardiac contractility caused by ambient pressure and help to stabilize the contractility in frozen state.  Pretreatment with Rhodiola seems to elicit beneficial adaptive responses to this type of stress. When the mice were exposed to the freezing state after taking Rhodiola, the decrease of cardiac contractility was prevented, while the stable contractility of cardiac tissue continued during perfusion.

Other reports suggest that the use of Rhodiola extract can protect cardiovascular tissue and alleviate adrenaline-induced arrhythmia in rats under pressure-induced catecholamine release. The antiarrhythmic effect of Rhodiola extract is considered to be secondary to its ability to induce opioid biosynthesis and involves the stimulation of peripheral cappa opiate receptors. Rhodiola extract also showed efficacy in treating stress-induced or worsening heart problems.

Rhodiola extract Function

Function of Rhodiola extract

The effect on these conditions is based on its ability to reduce the total amount of catecholamines and steroids released by the adrenal gland due to stress. Abnormal secretion of these stress hormones can lead to increased blood pressure, cholesterol, potassium levels and increased risk factors for heart disease. Rhodiola has been found to reduce harmful blood lipids and thereby reduce the risk of heart disease. It also reduced the total amount of circulating AMP (c-AMP) released into cardiac cells. Circulating AMP and ATP (adenosine triphosphate) are the main energy-supplying molecules in the human body. C-AMP acts as a `second Messenger'or a contact substance for the intracellular and extracellular environment. It helps the intracellular calcium flow into the heart, which greatly increases the potential energy of cardiac muscle contraction. Rhodiola thus regulates heart beat to prevent arrhythmia.

Effective antioxidants

Rhodiola has an effective antioxidant capacity. By limiting the adverse effects of free radical injury, it can effectively resist diseases caused by aging.

Like Siberian ginseng, Rhodiola extract is often taken by athletes to improve human function. Although its mechanism is still not fully understood, it seems to improve muscle/fat ratio and increase blood hemoglobin and erythrocyte levels.