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Omega-3 Helps Children Grow

Oct 26, 2018

Every parent wants their children to reach their full potential. At some stage of your child's growth, the right dietary supplements can help your child's performance in learning. At the age of 5-12, it is a critical period for children to grow up. More and more junk food is very unfavorable for children's balanced diet and nutrition. This imbalance is first manifested in the child's cognitive ability and behavioral development.

Dietitians affirmed the benefits of Omega-3 for brain development: "Research has confirmed that children with low cognitive levels and lagging behavioral behavior improve their reading and memory skills after taking Omega-3. In addition to eating more fish in the diet Class, I also recommend that adolescent children add some appropriate Omega-3 dietary supplements, and that is, to minimize the intake of trans fatty acids in children."