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Omega-3 Fatty Acids Help Delay Aging

Mar 05, 2019

DHA is the predominant form of Omega-3 fatty acids in the cell membrane of brain cells. Two recent studies have demonstrated the importance of EPA and DHA for old age. The first study was from Japan, and Yurko-Mauro and his colleagues combined 15 clinical trials1, a total of 3,315 healthy adult samples, and 13 observational studies on the effects of DHA or EPA supplements on memory. An assessment was made. Their meta-analysis showed that group event memory with daily supplementation greater than 1 g DHA or EPA was significantly different from groups below 1 g/day. Data analysis also showed that the amount of DHA and EPA ingested was positively correlated with the memory capacity of the elderly.

The second study focused on the relationship between Omega-3 fatty acids and fractures in the elderly. Compared with Omega-3's research on the memory level, this research is much more unpopular, but from the results, the prospects are broad. Chronic inflammation is known to cause bone loss, and the anti-inflammatory effects of EPA and DHA can slow this loss to a certain extent 2 . Harris and colleagues performed a 7-year follow-up sample of 1438 elderly people aged 66 to 96 who had not had fractures. 3 They measured the Omega-3 fatty acid content of their cell membranes. Of course, the sample population also reported the amount of fish oil they consumed.