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Chinese herbal Hanfangchin A for anti-allergy (cosmetic garde)

Mar 13, 2018

Hanfangchin A for anti-allergy (cosmetic garde)

Anti-allergic effects:

Animal experiments show that tetrandrine can counteract the effects and release of allergic mediators. Showed to inhibit histamine, acetylcholine-induced guinea pig asthma and spastic contraction of isolated ileal smooth muscle. Its effect was dose-dependent, and administration of 32, 48 ug/ml had a significant inhibitory effect on serotonin increase in rat skin vascular permeability. In addition, dextran induced significant release of histamine from rat peritoneal macrophages. According to the above results, it is considered that tetrandrine is not only an allergic mediator but also an allergic mediator. It has a reliable anti-allergic response and therapeutic effect. Currently, anti-allergy domestic and foreign cosmetics are particularly widely used.

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