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Fish Oil Is Good For The Brain

Dec 24, 2018

A recent review of recent studies and findings on fish oil and memory by the US and Canadian Research Centers shows that Omega-3s can help older people regardless of their memory. This review is also featured in the PLEFA magazine and is included in the Daily Mail. The authors provide a more direct link to more than 100 related studies.

The authors found that Omega-3s and DHA, in particular, are of great help to people already suffering from memory disorders. The convincing evidence is that polyunsaturated fatty acids can help healthy people who struggle with memory. One study showed that people had a significant improvement in memory after taking fish oil supplements for six months.

A study of 485 elderly people with memory disorders showed that subjects taking deep-sea fish oil had a "significant improvement" in memory tests compared with those who took placebo for 24 weeks. In the conclusion, the researchers highlighted the importance of early use of DHA in the treatment of age-related cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease, especially the low risk of human health caused by its active ingredients.

Of course, research is being done on fish oil to improve brain function in non-aged people. One study has found that people who take Omega-3s daily for six months have a significant improvement in working memory.