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​Does the Mimosa roots have medicinal value ?

Oct 14, 2019

      when we spoke about the Mimosa,this flower brought many recollections to Friends' mind. Mimosa is a perennial herb,the shape acquiring cute and small of the appearance. The flowers are lavender, furry and very lovely.And Mimosa can also be used as medicine, so can we eat the Mimosa root?

       1. Mimosa roots are edible

        Brief Introduction to Mimosa Root

        [Source] It is the root of Mimosa leguminosae.

        [Plant morphology] Inflorescence head with long pedicels, solitary or 2-3 in axillary leaves, and about 1 cm in diameter;which is small, with light red flowers; bracts linear, bristly edged; calyx funnel-shaped, very small, short-toothed cleft; corolla bell-shaped, upper 4-lobed, lobes triangular, pubescent outside; stamens 4, basal connate, extending out of petals; ovary short stalk, glabrous, stigma filiform, stigma small.

         [Collect] Collected in summer and autumn, washed and dried.

Mimosa Hostilis Root

       Mimosa root is originated in Yunnan Province of China as a herbal medicine. It is the root of Mimosa leguminosae. Mimosa's roots are edible and have many functions. For example, the soaking of Mimosa root can treat rheumatism, neurasthenia, insomnia and other symptoms.So if there are people who often can't sleep at night, they can take the some Mimosa roots with washed and soaked in wine, which has a good effect on insomnia treatment.

       Alkaloids, lactones and flavonoid glycosides can be extracted from dried Mimosa roots.

       Does Mimosa Root have any other effects? What are the usage and dosage of Mimosa Root? Let's follow Editor of HaoXuan to understand the efficacy and chemical composition of Mimosa Root.

       Effect and Function of Mimosa Root

       Relieving cough and phlegm, clearing dampness and collaterals, harmonizing stomach and eliminating accumulation. Treatment of chronic bronchitis, rheumatic pain, chronic gastritis, dyspepsia in children.

       Properties:Yunnan Chinese Herbal Medicine_puckery,slightly bitter taste and warm.