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Cistanche Extract Health Benefits

Apr 16, 2019

Cistanche is known for its bright yellow columns of flowers that poke up just above the sandy ground, making them quite the sight to see in an otherwise barren landscape. And it may just be the strangeness of cistanche that attracted ancient healers and herbalists to it in the first place.

The echinacoside contained in Cistanche has a proliferative effect on intestinal epithelial cells, and can repair intestinal epithelial cells.

Cistanche is rich in alkaloids, crystalline neutral substances, amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and other ingredients. The alkaloid contained therein has a molecular structure mainly composed of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen molecules, and is alkaline, and can neutralize acidity.

Anti-osteoporosis, generally with the increase of age, the probability of occurrence of osteoporosis and other diseases will increase. Under normal conditions, bone tissue also has normal calcification, and the calcium salt is normal to the matrix. However, in most osteoporosis, the reduction of bone tissue is mainly caused by increased bone resorption, which is characterized by bone pain and easy fracture. Studies have shown that the extract of Cistanche deserticola can promote bone cell bone morphogenesis gene expression, and has a certain preventive effect on prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

Enhance immunity. Cistanche deserticola contains polysaccharides, which can promote the formation and activity of lymphocytes and enhance the body's immunity.  Taking cistanche may help one reduce the duration of colds and flu when ill, though lots more research must be undertaken to look at this in cistanche specifically, and separate from echinacea.

Cistanche Extract Health Benefits