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Can Maca be taken for a long time?

Jun 19, 2019

Maca is a pure natural plant. The source of maca is the plateau of the Andes. The locals have been eating maca for more than two thousand years and are very safe without any side effects.

Side effects of excessive long-term use of maca: Maca is a food with great nutritional and pharmacological value, containing a variety of nutrients, including 55 kinds of vital nutrients, 16 kinds of minerals, 8 kinds of vitamins, 20 kinds of amino acids and so on. Macaene and macaamide, which are unique in Maca, can also promote the secretion of human hormones, enhance sexual desire and sexual ability. 


According to the announcement of the Ministry of Health of China that Maca powder is listed as a national new resource food, the consumption of maca powder should not exceed 25 grams per day. According to clinical verification, a long-term use of maca will cause fire, but it is on the top. Friends of the fire stage, taking maca will increase the symptoms of getting angry.

Although Maca can improve people's spirit and promote sleep, but maca amide and macaene, which are unique to maca, promote hormone secretion. If it is used by infants and young children, it is likely to cause precocious puberty. Therefore, infants and young children should not use it. Maca.

The nutritional value of maca

Italian scientist Dini A first systematically obtained the chemical composition of macagan root in 1994: protein content is more than 10% (the Maca variety on the Huning Lake has a protein content of more than 14%), 59% of carbohydrates 8.5% of fiber, rich in zinc, calcium, iron, titanium, strontium, potassium, sodium, copper, manganese, magnesium, strontium, phosphorus, iodine and other minerals, and contains vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, A, E, B12, B5, the fat content is not high but most of them are unsaturated fatty acids, the content of linoleic acid and linolenic acid is more than 53%, and the natural active ingredients include alkaloid, glucosinolate and its decomposition product isothiocyanate Benzyl acrylate, sterol, polyphenols, and the like.


In 1999, American scientists discovered that Maca contains two new plant active ingredients, macamides and macaenes, and determined that these two substances have a significant effect on balancing human hormone secretion, so Ma The card is also known as the natural hormone engine. In the targeted research of Maca products, several special maca alkaloids were discovered. With the deepening of the research, more active new substances will be separated and identified in Maca.