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Benefits of Amygdalin Bitter Almond

Sep 27, 2019

Almonds are one of the most common nuts in our lives. Because of its sweet taste and high nutritional value, it is deeply loved by most people. Normally speaking, almonds are divided into sweet almonds and bitter almonds. What we often eat is sweet almond while the bitter almond is generally used a little more in clinic. To be honest, people can eat a few bitter almonds regularly for they can not only help us to promote the health of digestive system, but also play the important role of anti-inflammatory and analgesic.


Cosmetic effect

Amygdalin Bitter Almond is a nutritious food. Appropriate consumption of bitter almonds can play a certain role in cosmetology, which is very helpful for our human skin health. According to the theory of pulmonary syndermis, in clinic, some skin diseases can be treated by lung promotion method. Combined with edible almonds, you can often get the instant effect. Modern studies have proved that the fat oil contained in bitter almond can soften the cuticle of the skin, embellish the skin and protect blood vessels, tissues and organs. Besides, it can also inhibit and kill bacteria. In addition, the HCN produced by enzymatic hydrolysis can restrain the activity of tyrosinase inside body, eliminate pigmentation, freckles, black spots so as to achieve cosmetic effect.

 Effects on the digestive system

People with poor digestive system are supposed to eat bitter almonds appropriately in their lives. It can not only enhance our digestive function, but also promote the health of intestine and stomach. Amygdalin bitter almond tastes a little bitter but contains a large number of fatty oil, which can improve the lubrication of intestinal contents on mucous membrane. Therefore, amygdalin bitter almond has the function of moistening intestine and relieving constipation.

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects

Eating amygdalin bitter almonds has a very good anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. It's also helpful to prevent some inflammation. Benzaldehyde benzoin synthase produced by amygdalin decomposition produces benzoin, which has analgesic effect. Therefore, treatments of terminal liver cancer with bitter almond can relieve patients' pain, and some even do not need to take painkillers.