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6 Health Benefits of Oyster Peptide

Jun 17, 2019

Oyster peptide is peptide biotechnology applied to oyster processing and enzymatically produced into oyster peptides. The small molecule oligopeptide formed by the preparation method completely retains the original vitamins, trace elements and taurine of the oyster, so that the nucleic acid-rich oyster absorbs more quickly than a single amino acid or protein after being ingested by the human body. It is more easily absorbed by the body and has more important biological activity in human metabolism, which can effectively improve male serum testosterone levels. It has higher bio-valency and more important physiological functions than ordinary oyster products.


The main component of oyster peptides is oysters, commonly known as sea bream and medlar. It is a kind of shellfish that is abundant in China's coastal areas and can be cultivated in large quantities. More foreign countries, oysters are traditional tonics.

Health effects

A large number of clinical data confirm that oysters have the effect of improving male serum testosterone levels, regulating blood lipids, inhibiting platelet aggregation, improving hyperglycemia symptoms, improving human immunity, promoting metabolism, and fighting cancer and preventing cancer cells from spreading.

1. Enhance male sexual function

Oyster peptide can effectively improve serum testosterone levels and enhance male sexual function. At the same time, it has the dual functions of regulating the physiological functions of the body and improving the nutrition of the body. 

2. Protect the liver

Oyster powder extract has a good protective effect on experimental liver injury, can significantly reduce the serum ALT/AST content of impromptu liver injury caused by CC14, and reduce the degree of stem cell damage. 

3. Enhance immunity

The oyster polysaccharide contained in the oyster peptide can enhance the immunity of the body and inhibit the proliferation of the influenza virus. 

4. Hypoglycemic effect

Oyster extracts have hypoglycemic properties of sulfonylureas and biguanide hypoglycemic agents. 

5. Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Oyster glycosaminoglycan has a protective effect on oxidative damage of vascular endothelial cells induced by hydrogen peroxide, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of various cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis and stroke caused by vascular endothelial injury. 

6. Anti-tumor effect

Oyster natural active peptide (BPO) can effectively inhibit the proliferation of gastric cancer BCC-823 cells, and significant cancer cells induce apoptosis.