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Black Cohosh Extract

Black Cohosh Extract


Product Name: Black Cohosh Extratc
Other Name: Snake root extract
Appearance: Blackish Brown Fine Powder
Botanial Name: Cimicifuga Romose L.
CAS#: 84776-26-1

Product Name: Black Cohosh Extratc

Other Name: Snake root extract

Appearance:  Blackish Brown Fine Powder  

Botanial Name:Cimicifuga Romose L.  



Test Method:HPLC

Physical Property: Easily soluble in water , soluble in methanol , ethyl acetate. 


1. Black cohosh is native to North America and used by native peoples for snake bite, malaria & gynecological disorders.

2. It is historically used to help relieve menstrual cramps, hot flashes, spasms, childbirth pains & balance hormones.

3. It help lower blood pressure by equalizing circulation.

4. It is helpful for depression and neurological pain.

5. It can reduce inflammation caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.



2.aluminum foil bag.

3.25kg paper drum with double plastic food grade bags inside.

4. pharmaceutical aluminum tin.

5. according to customer request.


Black cohosh is an herb. The root of this herb is used for medicinal purposes. Black cohosh was first used for medicinal purposes by Native American Indians, who introduced it to European colonists. Black cohosh became a popular treatment for women’s health issues in Europe in the mid-1950s.

Since that time, black cohosh has commonly been used to treat symptoms of menopause, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), painful menstruation, acne, weakened bones (osteoporosis), and for starting labor in pregnant women.

How does it work?

The root of black cohosh is used for medicinal purposes. Black cohosh root contains several chemicals that might have effects in the body. Some of these chemicals work on the immune system and might affect the body’s defenses against diseases. Some might help the body to reduce inflammation. Other chemicals in black cohosh root might work in nerves and in the brain. These chemicals might work similar to another chemical in the brain called serotonin. Scientists call this type of chemical a neurotransmitter because it helps the brain send messages to other parts of the body.

Black cohosh root also seems to have some effects similar to the female hormone, estrogen. In some parts of the body, black cohosh might increase the effects of estrogen. In other parts of the body, black cohosh might decrease the effects of estrogen. Estrogen itself has various effects in different parts of the body. Estrogen also has different effects in people at different stages of life. Black cohosh should not be thought of as an “herbal estrogen” or a substitute for estrogen. It is more accurate to think of it as an herb that acts similar to estrogen in some people.

Why do people take black cohosh?

Black cohosh is most often used to control the symptoms of menopause, such as:


Hot flashes

Mood changes

Sleep problems

Heart palpitations

Night sweats

Vaginal dryness

Some studies have found evidence that black cohosh does help with these symptoms. However, many experts consider the evidence unclear and say that we need more research.

Other uses of black cohosh have less scientific support. Women sometimes take it to regulate periods, ease PMS symptoms, and induce labor. Black cohosh has also been used to relieve arthritis pain and help lower blood pressure. There are some preliminary lab studies showing that black cohosh may be useful in preventing or treating prostate cancer. Definitive research has not verified black cohosh's effectiveness for these uses.

How much black cohosh should you take?

For menopausal symptoms, the dose of black cohosh used in studies has been 20-40 milligram tablets of a standardized extract taken twice a day. More than 900 milligrams a day of black cohosh is considered an overdose. Directions for taking black cohosh in other forms will vary. Some experts say that no one should take black cohosh for more than six months at a time.

What are the risks of taking black cohosh?

Side effects from black cohosh include headaches and upset stomach. Side effects may be more likely to occur at high doses. There have been some people who may have developed liver problems after using black cohosh, the specifics of which are still being investigated. Nonetheless, people with pre-existing liver problems, or those taking any other medication/substance that affects the liver, should either avoid black cohosh or check in with their health care provider prior to use.

Risks. Black cohosh may not be safe for:

Women who are pregnant (although it is sometimes used to induce labor)

Women who have -- or have had -- breast cancer or uterine cancer

Women who have endometriosis

Children under 18

People with liver disease, a high risk of stroke or blood clots, or seizure disorders

People with allergies to aspirin

Interactions. People taking birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, sedatives, or blood pressure medicine should not take black cohosh without the approval of their doctors.

HPLC chromatogram:

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