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Angelica Extract Powder

Angelica Extract Powder


Product Name: Angelica extract powder
Other Name: Ligustilide
Appearance: Brown fine powder
CAS NO : 4431-01-0
MF: C12H14O2


Product Name: Angelica extract powder 

Other Name: Ligustilide

Appearance: Brown fine powder

CAS NO :4431-01-0

MF: C12H14O2    

MW: 190.24


Test Method: HPLC 

Use Part:Root 

Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction


1.Curing heart-throb, megrim and injuries from falls and also enriching the blood.

2. Providing energy, vitality and resistance to disease.

3. Treating anemia, boils, headaches, venous problems, low immunity and problems of peripheral blood flow.

4. Regulating female hormones, in the treatment of most menstrual and menopausal problems and in pregnancy and delivery.

5. A blood tonic, promoting its production and circulation.

6. Preventing spasms, relaxing vessels and reducing blood clotting in peripheral vessels.



2.aluminum foil bag.

3.25kg paper drum with double plastic food grade bags inside.

4. pharmaceutical aluminum tin.

5. according to customer request.

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